Vicky Stark's Age, Husband, Net Worth, Measurements - Wiki (2024)

• Vicky Stark is an American fishing expert and social media star
• Born in South Florida in 1985, her early life and educational background are unknown
• She has a YouTube channel and an Instagram page, where she shares her modeling and fishing posts
• Stark collects a great fan base on social media, with close to 200,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 350,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $250,000, earned through fishing, social media, and multiple sponsorship deals.


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Vicky Stark is an American fishing expert, and social media star. She is best known for sharing her modeling and fishing posts on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Early life, family, educational background

Vicky Stark was born on 5 August 1985, in South Florida USA; her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white. Details regarding her family background have not been revealed to the media. Likewise, there is no information about her early life, except that she grew up in South Florida.

Sources have been unable to reach any information about her academic qualifications as well.


Reportedly, Stark has been fishing since she was a young girl. In 2011 she created a YouTube channel under her name, and began posting various fishing video content. The following year she joined the famous and popular app Instagram and started demonstrating her fishing talent to the world by posting photos of herself catching various fish on the Florida coast, and in her stunning bikini avatar.

Her photos, in which she poses in various bikinis while showing her eye-catching fishing skills, quickly collected a massive following, paving her way to stardom. To help her fame grow, Daily Mail featured her on their website, reporting on her fishing and her popularity on Instagram. Besides her photos showing her fishing in various boats and in a variety of locations near her hometown, she often shares posts while traveling to places such as Miami, Venice and Cabo San Lucas, with her catch of different fish breeds.

‘I just love being on a boat, the thrill of not knowing what you’re gonna catch: the fight, the tug at the end of your pole, the energy and the excitement of being out there. I love everything about it’, Stark said in an interview, adding that she particularly enjoys fishing in extremely shallow water, as it’s a greater challenge.Stark’s contrasting combination of big catches and skimpy bikinis has enabled her to collect a great fan base on social media and attract thousands of followers. Currently, she has close to 200,000 followers on Instagram, and nearly 350,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, with whom she shares her favorite catches.

Her YouTube videos have attracted more than 70 million views, the most viewed being “MY Personal Biggest Permit caught FLATS Fishing”, “Bikini Bowfishing for my BIRTHDAY!!!!” and “Bikini Bowfishing for Tilapia – Central Florida – Part 1”. In 2019 she had the opportunity to film her videos with Two Conchs for their SportsMan Channel. Stark also has a profile on, a social media platform on which she posts her photos to numerous subscription-only members. In addition, she is active on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

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As her popularity grew on social media, Stark began attracting sponsorships from various well-known brands to promote their products via her social profiles, some which include Smith Optics, G Loomis, One One Swimwear, Scales Gear, Xtratuf boots, FarOut Sunglasses and Orca Coolers, to name a few. Her involvement with sponsors and endorsem*nt continues to grow, and so does her bank account. She has recently begun collaborating with Peaco*ck Bass Adventures, fishing in the Bahamas. Stark’s involvement with social media has brought her enormous popularity and helped her grow in this industry.

‘I really fell in love with sharing my story and my adventure of fishing, and it just blossomed from there and has grown so fast’ Stark said in an interview. It has also enabled her to travel often, being invited by new fishing friends or brands offering to sponsor her. Some Instagram commenters criticize Stark for her fishing techniques, and accuse her of not knowing how to fish and of using the app to show off her body, which she denies by saying ‘I just brush them off. I just delete it. And if it’s too inappropriate, I’ll block it’.

Besides being a fish expert and social media celebrity, Stark has also been involved in a fishing-related business, running an online store on which she sells various fishing equipment, such as hooks, lines, and sinkers.

Personal life

When it comes to her romantic life, Stark has not revealed any information about it, therefore, sources have been unable to find out anything about her past or current relationship status. However, there have been rumors, about her dating CaptainRyan Eidelsteinfrom her fishing crew, started when Stark began sharing pictures of herself accompanied by Eidelstein, but neither has ever confirmed that they are dating.

Physical appearance

Stark is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, but her other body measurement have not been disclosed to the media, however, it’s obvious from her photographs that she has an attractive body, with blonde hair color and brown eyes.

Net worth

When it comes to her earnings, the amount of Stark’s net worth is approximately $250,000, most of which has been earned through fishing, as well as through her involvement in social media and several sponsorship deals.

Vicky Stark's Age, Husband, Net Worth, Measurements - Wiki (2024)
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