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It’s dangerous out there, take these tips and tricks!

byJon Suan

Jumping into a new game can be daunting for some people. You’ll need to learn new mechanics, how things work and so on. Hunter x Unleashed is a game in Roblox that can be a bit confusing for new players. There’s a lot of stats and mechanics that you’ll want to know as well as how to start off in the game. The game is quite fun though and well worth going through the basics!

In this guide, we’ll show you some beginners tips and tricks to get you started in the game. We’ll also show you an optimal way to start your playthrough, what you need to know and more to jump start your journey! Now, let’s see what this game can show us.

  • Clans and Stats
  • Starting Steps
  • Nen Contracts
  • Nen Abilities
  • Gaining Money
  • Hatsu

Complete Beginners Guide

There’s a lot of mechanics and things you’ll need to learn in Hunter x Unleashed, and we’ll cover what you need to know at the start. This will include the clan system, stats, leveling at the start as well as how to get Hastu, Nen Contracts and money in the game. Now, let’s go through these one by one.

Clans and Stats

There’s a lot of clans in the game but only a few of them give you actual buffs when you roll for them. When you start the game, you’ll get a random clan. These are the clans that you’ll want to stay in as well as the buffs they give and the chances you get into that clan:

  • Zoldyc: +3 Damage, +5 Speed, +50 Stamina, +40 HP (1% Chance)
  • Freecss: +2 Damage, +3 Speed, +40 Stamina, +30 HP (2% Chance)
  • Kurta: +2 Damage, +3 Speed, +40 Stamina, +30 HP (2% Chance)
  • Lucilfer: +1 Damage, +2 Speed, +20 Stamina, +20 HP (6% Chance)
  • Netero: +1 Damage, +2 Speed, +20 Stamina, +20 HP (6% Chance)
  • Kreuger: +1 Damage, +2 Speed, +20 Stamina, +20 HP (6% Chance)

Now that we know what the clans are, we should talk about the stats that you can level up. There are 5 main stats that you’ll want to focus on increasing in the game. Here are all the stats and what they do when you increase them:

  • Braun: Increases your M1 Attack Damage.
  • Intelligence: Increases Nen Bar Regeneration rate.
  • Fortitude: Increases your HP by 2 per point invested.
  • Agility: Increases your Max Speed and Stamina.
  • Charisma: Increases the maximum amount of Nen you have.

Starting Steps

When you first start the game, you’ll want to start leveling as soon as you can. To do so in the start of the game you’ll want to do some training. There are different training methods in the game and the one you get at the start is doing pushups. To start doing push-ups press the J Key on your keyboard.

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When you start doing push-ups, you’ll see a little minigame. Keys will start appearing, and you’ll need to press the right key to continue the minigame. The faster you do this the faster you get EXP. Continue doing that until you reach Level 3 and get Meditation.

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To meditate, just pick a place to do so and press the M key. When you meditate in the game you can place your stat points on the different stats your character has. We won’t cover character builds in this game but keep an eye out for them in later guides!

Nen Contracts

So, what do you build up for using your stats? You increase your stats so you can get Nen Contracts. These are oaths you take that increase your stats as well as give you 1 custom and 1 passive ability. There’s 4 Nen Contracts in the game right now and here are all of them and their requirements:

  • Illusion Caster – Level 30, 30 Charisma.
  • Life Breather – Level 35, 30 Fortitude.
  • Cleaver – Level 40, 40 Agility, 10 Grips.
  • Kingship – Level 50, 50 Intelligence, 25 Braun and 5-10 Grips.

You might notice that the higher level Nen Contracts need these things called Grips. These can be obtained through killing players and you can only have one per player. That means to get 10 grips you’ll need to kill 10 different players.

Nen Abilities

Right now, there’s 8 different Nen Abilities that you can get in the game. These abilities can be obtained by meditation. Each Nen ability can be used in fighting but what’s important to know is that you can train these abilities up.

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To train Nen Abilities you’ll need to need to meditate, the more you meditate the more abilities you’ll unlock. These are all the abilities in the game so far:

  • N – Aura
  • B – Ten
  • V – Ren
  • K – En
  • G – Gyo
  • C – Zetsu
  • X – Ko
  • H – Ken

Like Skills, Nen Abilities need to be grinded as well. The better you have in a Nen Ability Mastery, the better it is going to be. More abilities might be added in future updates so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

Gaining Money

There’s a couple of ways you can get money in Hunter x Unleashed. You’ll need money to travel around the map of the game and the first thing you’ll want to get is a boat to do that. The starting boat costs 10,000 so you’ll want to have a lot of money as soon as possible.

One way of getting money is through passive income by getting a job. There’s multiple jobs in the game and everyone starts as a Civilian. Here are all the jobs you can get and where you can get them in the game:

  • Rogue – Croft Island
  • Assassin – Zaban City
  • Nen Master – North Shore Island
  • Mafia – Whale Island.
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Another way to get money is joining a guild and capturing the flags in each island. Capturing these flags will give money to the Guild members so be sure to join a good guild!

The last way of earning money is just through PVP and fighting other players and defeating them, which is what you’ll want to do anyway. Some of the more advanced stuff in the game needs you to defeat players so make sure to get good in PVP!


Hatsu is another set of moves in the game that you can use besides your abilities and Nen contracts. It’s really for advanced players so we won’t cover them that much in this Beginner’s guide. Still, if you want to unlock your Hatsu, you’ll need to increase your Nen Ability Mastery to 7.5k in Ren, Ten and Zetsu. You’ll also need 5-10 Grips. There’s a lot of grinding to be done there so be sure to get ready for it!

With that much information that should jumpstart your beginning in Hunter x Unleashed. There’s a lot more to learn out there in the game so have fun playing it!

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Hunter x Unleashed: Complete Beginners Guide - Item Level Gaming (2024)
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